Photo a Day – 2012

(346/366) Soggy Red Barn

December 11th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 11, 2012 - Another rainy day out spawning sockeye salmon at Cultus Lake and a happy red barn in a very soggy field in the small community of Yarrow. Why there is a boat in what is little more than a puddle is beyond me. At this time of year it's pretty much a [...]

(345/366) Pink Flamingo

December 10th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 10, 2012 - No, I'm not going crazy. That's the name of this herbal tisane I bought from a new tea shop in The Village in West Vancouver. What's in it? A whole bunch of fabulous flavours: Hibiscus blossoms, apple pieces, carrot flakes, blackberry leaves, eucalyptus leaves, lemongrass, beetroot pieces, and tangerine slices. They [...]

(344/366) The Problem With Christmas

December 9th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 9, 2012 - I may not have gone to any of the Christmas events last night, but the calories came home to me anyway! Kirk went to his staff party and a basket of goodies came home with him. It sucks to be a chocolate lover at this time of year... resistance is futile, [...]

(343/366) Flame

December 8th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 8, 2012 - I always love flame at any time of year, but there is something so psychologically warming about a candle at this time of year. Kirk is out for his staff Christmas party tonight, I just wasn't in the spirit and couldn't face condolences so I stayed home with a warm blanket, [...]

(342/366) Christmas Bear Tree

December 7th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 7, 2012 - When I opened a trunk at Mom's place before we left, I discovered the teddy bear collection. She used to put together the most amazing Christmas Teddy Bear Tree. She started collecting bears years ago. She called it the Bear Rescue since most came from thrift shops. Presumably she had to [...]

(341/366) Comfort Food

December 7th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 6, 2012 - After a somewhat frustrating day at work (have you ever known someone who just automatically does/says the opposite of what you or others do/say as a rule of thumb, even going so far as contradicting themselves repeatedly in the process just to stay on the other side of a debate?), a [...]

(340/366) Christmas Decorations

December 5th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 5, 2012 - When everything started it was the beginning of November, now here it is into December. When we came back to Vancouver it seemed like the city had draped in lights and decorations overnight. But it is just because I was away so much and so long. Mom has so many wonderful [...]

(339/366) Amaluna

December 4th, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 4, 2012 - We try to go to every Cirque du Soleil show that come s to Vancouver. Tonight was Amaluna, and what a wonderful show it was. The music was phenomenal - Kirk likened it to a cross between Evanescence and Trans Siberian Orchestra. The entertainers were amazing. And finally! Finally we were [...]

(338/366) Peace

December 3rd, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 3, 2012 - I had a tough time deciding if I was going to go to work or not today. In the end I decided it was better to go in and deal with the empathy of my colleagues and the resulting emotions I knew would bubble to up easily. It was better than [...]

(337/366) Empty

December 2nd, 2012|Photo a Day - 2012|

December 2, 2012 - Long day, difficult day. Seems like they have all been difficult days for the better part of a month. This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed, did the laundry, cleaned the upstairs of the house, cleaned out most of the things in the fridge, packed up Mom's computer, packed the [...]