Death of the Letter

March 10th, 2010|Just Thinking, Monochromatic|

I love the written word, but I wonder how much longer it will exist. I'd like to think forever, but the next generation is the text generation and not only can many of them not form a formal communication, their actual ability to pick up a pen and write is shockingly bad. Kindle is trying [...]


February 2nd, 2010|Monochromatic|

The emptiness of the early morning airport terminal. I was waiting for Kirk to arrive home from somewhere and the airport seemed so empty. Maybe because it was. This one person was watching something on a television screen, but it almost felt like they were waiting and hoping that their luggage would materialize after everyone [...]

Sea Urchin Test

January 30th, 2010|Monochromatic|

If memory serves, I probably picked this urchin test up somewhere out in Bamfield. It then sat in a planter for the next many years before being pulled out and set on this reflective piece of black acrylic inside a light box.  

A Cold December Afternoon

January 30th, 2010|Monochromatic|

I love my scooter, it gets me out on sunny days no matter the temperature. I think it was about minus 6 Celsius, but I didn't care, it was sunny and gorgeous and I found things to make my camera happy....  

The Lion’s Gate Bridge

January 29th, 2010|Monochromatic|

There's nothing like a good hunk of metal against a sky to call out for black and white processing... The Lion's Gate Bridge separates the North Shore (North and West Vancouver) from downtown Vancouver. To me, when I cross it in a northern direction, it means home... Officially known as the First Narrows Bridge, the Lion's [...]


January 29th, 2010|Monochromatic|

For me there is an emotion to this scene, a sadness that something once hoped for was lost, a dream was destroyed. The Olympic games came to Greece in 2004, they left debt and broken dreams. I don't know if this was from that time, I'm guessing it was. It looked like a dream someone [...]

One year later

June 10th, 2008|Just Thinking, Monochromatic|

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since our friend passed away as a result of Glioblastoma multiformes. I'd never heard of it before; it is an aggressive form of brain cancer and it took him from us in the blink of an eye. Rob died June 8th 2007 Rob's brother read the [...]