Greece 2005

Heading Home

May 21st, 2005|Greece 2005|

And now begins the never ending day! Wake up alarm at 0400 and haul everything up to Skippers pub at the end of the dock to wait for our taxi. In the cab at 0500, same driver as before, less chatty this time. Early for him too I guess. To the airport at 0600, security [...]


May 20th, 2005|Greece 2005|

The boat bucked and shivered in the wind....and we slept like logs. Today we will finalize things with the boat and then we will visit the Archaeological museum at the Agora below the Acropolis. A fitting way to spend our last day in Greece. Our plane leaves tomorrow morning at 0800, we land in Heathrow [...]

Sounion to Pireaus (Back to home port)

May 19th, 2005|Greece 2005|

Morning is grey and it is actually raining a bit. Might wash away some of the grime on the boat. This is our first rain since we've been here. Well, not totally true, I think it rained a little bit one night early on, but not during the waking hours. Our plan today is simple, [...]

Loutra to Sounion (intentional this time)

May 18th, 2005|Greece 2005|

It sounds like a million swallows/sparrows are in the trees around us, doves in the background. This place is likely the most peaceful place we have been. Hazy today, lots of high cloud. Again, the winds are barely in existence, but we are hopeful. We now know that at some time shortly after 9 am [...]

Seriphos to Loutra (Kythnos)

May 17th, 2005|Greece 2005|

The sky is again clear and blue, and the wind gauge reads 0.0 m/s. Sailing is not looking good today. We can hear the mourning doves in the trees, it is our daily symphony. Often we awake to a concert of doves, swallows, sparrows, chickens and roosters, and occasionally the odd donkey braying in the [...]

Paros to Seriphos

May 16th, 2005|Greece 2005|

Morning and it's gorgeous. There is a bit of wind, but the predictions for the next 48 hours are between 1 and 4. Perfect. N-NW winds will make it a little slower than the SW winds we started out with, but such is life. Boats that have been stuck here for days, like us, are [...]

Mykonos to Delos and back to Paros

May 15th, 2005|Greece 2005|

Up at 0700 and a REAL shower! What a luxury. I think we both took 30 minute showers. Scrubbed until we were raw....such a good feeling. Down to the terrace and a light breakfast of coffee (lukewarm like everything in Greece) and mini croissants with apricot jam. Yummy. If you ever go to Mykonos, you [...]

Paros – Mykonos

May 14th, 2005|Greece 2005|

0800 - Currently talking to a couple of other boaters on the dock, discussing, what else and what it may or may not do. We thought we as Canadians talked about weather a affects life here much more. Winds are variable from the North. Regardless of what they are, we will be going [...]

Paros – Day 2

May 13th, 2005|Greece 2005|

The winds are picking up in the harbour at least. It is sitting at around 6-8 m/s and gusting up to around 10 which means that it will be more out on the water. Or maybe not, it actually tends to be worse close to land, particularly on the lee side of the islands...but that's [...]

Sifnos – Paros

May 12th, 2005|Greece 2005|

Up early today, another gorgeous day in the works. We heard our first weather forecast today, and only because the captain of the Cosmos told us what channel to turn to. It was difficult to follow but we are pretty certain it said Beaufort 3-4 today and tomorrow and possibly getting a bit worse on [...]