This entire weekend was spent on a marathon of marking, I barely got off the computer or off the couch.

Thirty two term papers to get through, and thirty two final exams.

I got through the term papers at last, and thought I had another full day to work on the exams, until I realized tomorrow is Monday, not Sunday, I lost a day in all of it. I didn’t have a weekend at all. But I got through them, and that was a major hurdle.

But it wasn’t without amusement and some new nuggets for my collection of amusing things I’ve gleaned from marking over the years. (

Now, to slog through 32 final exams over the next few evenings and hopefully call it a term.

Meanwhile, the cats snuggle up to the warmth of the fireplace, mesmerized by the heat and the flickering flames.

Burinng the midnight oil