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Growth in the Garden

April 14th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

The garden has been doing its thing. The weather was dry, then cold, still dry, then warm and dry, then cold and dry, and now we have some cold and wet. But the garden has been jumping forward in leaps and bounds when I haven’t been looking. I intended to get a yard of soil [...]

On the Outside Looking in

April 2nd, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

Travel is interesting. You move from here to there, and often are oblivious to the amazingness of it all. How you travel, where you travel, and what’s between here and there. Yesterday I had an impromptu trip to the Island to visit a commercial facility that I’ve been wanting to visit for some time. But [...]

Pencil Day

March 30th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

For all the time I spend on a computer, I still love the feel of pencil on paper. Did you know that today is “Pencil Day”? I did not. At least i did not know this until today. And now you know too. ____________ NATIONAL PENCIL DAY ( Each year, March 30th is National Pencil [...]


March 15th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

A fountain pen. A bottle of black ink.  A paper notebook. The feel of ink gliding from a metal nib. Old fashioned? Of course it is. Does it make me happy? Equally affirmative! Writing with a pen, on paper; one of those pure & simple pleasures that takes you away from the world, both elegantly simple and functionally [...]

Hollyburn Peak

March 10th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

Sometimes you have to make yourself wake up and remember that this is (literally) just up the road from where you live. Well, to be fair, drive up the road, park, put on the snowshoes, snowshoe winding trails through the forest for an hour and a half, and then clamber almost straight up a slippery [...]

What do you take for granted?

March 3rd, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

What do you take for granted? We feel grateful for our friends and families, perhaps for the jobs that we have, the pets we come home to….but sometimes we forget to look at the environment around us and be grateful for where we live and what it offers us. I feel lucky to live in [...]

Disappearing Technology

February 20th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

First there were cassettes (that’s how far back my computer memories go), then there were floppies (of increasingly smaller sizes). Zip drives followed, then Jazz drives. CDs, then CDRs, then DVDs and DVDRs. Flash drives got bigger, and then the cloud came along. Now we store so much elsewhere, without copies in hand, digital or [...]


February 17th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

A silent protest on the corner of Granville & Robson Street - Anonymous for the Voiceless: animals, environment, health. I’m not vegan, and I probably never will be, but I admire this group for demonstrating quietly and for peacefully showing videos, that depict how factory farms treat animals, to those walking by. I try to think [...]


February 16th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

I have an admission to make....I sort of hate this clock in Gastown. I realize that it seems a little illogical to hate a clock, but I have a couple of reasons. 1. This clock is a magnet for tourists who turn into five-minute-idiots waiting for the steam driven clock to go off 2. This [...]

Snow Day

February 12th, 2019|119 Photographs in 2019|

Snow days mean different things to different people. I can’t actually think of a day I’ve ever taken off for snow, even when UBC was closed during heavy snow I still had to get out there every day because I had experimental animals to care for. Growing up there was no such thing as a [...]