Anderson Lake

August 16th, 2017 – Any day that work involves riding the motorcycle to a hatchery, and then taking a fabulously scenic drive to visit a spawning channel and look over the debris field from a landslide, and visit a gorgeous lake, is always a good day.

However, not all facets of the day were positive. There should be sockeye salmon rolling in the shallows of this lake. There should be salmon jumping farther out. But….. not a fish was seen and nothing has nosed into the channel yet.

And that debris field I mentioned, it’s going to send a silty mess into the creek and the channel when the rains start. And that will probably cause heavy egg mortality in the channel….assuming any fish show up to lay eggs.

And the creek that the debris field mowed over has been pushed far across the landscape and into a grassy field, which means that fish passage may be obstructed….if any fish arrive to try and pass.

The view may be nice, but it’s shaping up to be a dismal year for the Fraser River salmon stocks.