October 1, 2017 – October? Already? How’d that happen so fast! The rain over the past two days disappeared and the sun made a brilliant appearance, and that made it a perfect day to wander Lower Lonsdale, or “LoLo” as it’s been dubbed relatively recently. Along both sides of the street, for a couple of blocks, were the most adorable little concrete bears. They were tucked under benches and chairs, beneath street trees, and along curbs.

Bears on the Streets of North Vancouver

There are so many new shops along the area, and a boatload of new development. It seems like development is everywhere on the North Shore these days, and it’s tiring in many ways. I think most North Shore residents are exhausted from all the construction. I’m sure it will be fabulous once it’s all finally done, if it’s ever done. At least the history of the shipyards isn’t being erased and is actually being incorporated into the landscape.

Really big anchor

But on a Sunday the construction sites are quiet, the street crews are off, and there is a bit of peace to the neighbourhood for a change, and it makes for a relaxing afternoon with the camera.

A visit to the Lonsdale Quay always includes some oggling of the Atessa if she is at her berth, which she usually is.


And it wouldn’t be a complete visit without a wander through the Quay, which is a bit of a sad shadow of what it used to be when we first moved over. I used to come here for produce, baked goods, fish, pasta and cheeses, and Asian specialty ingredients. Every shop I used to frequent has disappeared and replaced with little more than a wine retailer, a confection shop, and a food court. I’m not sure why it died the way it did. Now it’s just a tourist destimation mostly.

Saltwater Taffy

The flowers around town are starting to fade and look tired. Their petals drop and they put forth seeds to replace themselves next spring. Fall is a time of endings and it has a bittersweetness to it.

EchinaceaFading FlowersFading FlowersEchinacea

And last but not least, it’s always entertaining to find another of the humorous signs created by the ever creative North Vancouver sign department.

No Dog Poo Fairies

And after an afternoon wandering around our larger “neighbourhood”, we again found ourselves expressing that familiar statement…… we are so lucky to live here. I’ve never regretted moving here one day of the past 30 years.