50-52-2013: Red Shoes

December 15th, 2013: One thing I really love about December is the opportunity to pull all the fun clothes out of the closet and get dressed up for Christmas socials.

And if you know anything at all about me, it’s that I have a love affair with shoes! So any chance to pull out the fun ones that are a bit much to wear to work, and I am a happy camper.

Yes, it’s frivolous, I know. But we all have some little thing that we like to indulge, and for me it’s shoes.

And these ones are over the top.

Those four inch heels turn me into a towering Amazon. When I slip them on I am instantly 6′ tall. I can look over the heads of many, and into the eyes of those who normally look down into mine.

I love them!

It’s been a crazy month that has left so many things, normally done , undone.

Christmas cards have gone by the wayside, and for once in my life, I am not only OK with it, I am going with it.

While I won’t get cards out for the holidays, I have decided that in the time I have booked off, I will do New Year’s cards instead.

Maybe, if I manage to have time.

A new home, the move, and all the things that came along in the past month, including a week out of the country and work up to my eyeballs. It just was too much.

And my gift to Kirk is that, for once in my life, I am not going to have a stress attack over it, and I am going to be OK with the fact that I can’t do everything.

It can’t ever be perfect, but it can be perfect enough.

And I am going to look at those pretty red shoes, and think about the fact that I managed several Christmas socials without having any stress, and I am going to just go with it this year.

113 in 2013 – #111 – Red Shoes