46-52-2014: Fallen

November 16, 2014 – The weather has been cool, cold to some who live here, but since we are from colder climes originally, I’ll just call it cool. The cool air has brought sunny skies and changing colours. We’ve had it so warm for so long that the leaves are only just changing and falling finally.

Kirk and I did a few errands today, and went back downtown to the Christmas Craft Fair again. After we picked up what we were after, we went for lunch at the Tap and Barrel in Coal Harbour and, as we enjoyed a delicious lunch over a craft beer and enjoyed the spectacular sunny view across the water towards North Vancouver (aka Home), we both started discussing the past year and the difference in our attitudes towards the world.

Something fundamental changed when we moved up to the new place. We are calmer, less stressed, happier, more content with the world. Who knew a move could have that sort of an impact on one’s life? We never did.

The condo was great, we truly loved it for most of the time we were there. The last two years were challenging after a family moved above us and had absolutely no consideration for others in the building. They had a particularly large impact on us, and to be honest, it was like living below elephants in a bowling alley. At one point the woman locked their three year old child – a challenging boy at the best of times – out on the balcony, about 30 feet above the concrete driveway. We were treated to his shrieks and screams and cries of “Mommy, mommy, let me in” as he hammered on the patio doors.

We called the police of course.

And she was mad at us for interrupting her birthday.

That’s just one tiny sampling of our life there the last two years of ownership.

Yes, it was time to move……

But neither one of us really had any idea of the impact the move would have made. The world is calmer, the neighbourhood is quieter, and the stress of a Strata is gone from our lives.

Sure, we have to deal with our own roof if it leaks. if a pipe bursts, it’s our problem alone. We have to look after our own gardening, and the driveway is our own responsibility. But at least there is no irritation at those who ignore responsibility or refuse to take any.

Things are just a little bit different up here….and we love it.