46-52-2013: New adventure

November 17, 2013 – No, not cooking. The new adventure is composting. We finally have a yard, so we can finally do our own composting! No more stuff down the garbeurator! When we picked up our composter at the District recycling Depot, we discovered that the North Shore has a program to encourage people to compost, and to do it right. So Sunday morning, our Compost Coach arrived to help us build our composter and give us all sorts of information on how to get it going and keep it happy.

Very excited!

Running late yesterday due to the excitement of successfully showing our condo, and having friends over in the evening. So missed yesterday’s deadline for posting, although I did have the photo taken in time.

It’s a funny story, particularly if it all pans out and the sale goes through.

So this past Friday I received an email from the man who owns, and rents to a construction company, the commercial building next door. It was the annual “The leaves are falling on the walkway” complaint and as usual I said we’d get them cleaned up right away. Lea (the building owner) is also a member of the same Yacht Club we are, and actually sold the property the condo sits on to the developer 20 years ago.

I told him we had moved, he already knew we were looking, and when he asked if the new owners were likely to maintain the garden as nicely I said technically we were still his neighbour as we hadn’t yet sold the condo.

I then quipped “Do you want to buy a condo close to the Club?”

The response caught me off guard.

Their son was looking for a place, but he lives downtown, and works for Lea on the North Shore. Lea wondered if we would show it to them all on Sunday at noon, as they were trying to get their son to move to the North Shore.

So we showed it on Sunday, and they all loved it! By the time they left they were already talking furniture placement. But I don’t get optimistic, it’s not smart on these sorts of things. We figured it was funny, and wouldn’t it be funny if they wanted to buy it.

We had friends over in the evening and talked about it, they also know the family in question. They thought it would be perfect for the son as he works with his father on this side of the bridge.

I didn’t check my email until this morning, and what a shock to find that they had made us an offer by email as of 3pm yesterday afternoon! A great offer, no subjects!

I sent an email back accepting the offer and directing them to work with out agent to move forward. So far so good, but one never knows, they could find something in the minutes they don’t like. There are a couple of old references in there that point to the conflict we had with our upstairs neighbours. But since then they installed sound deadener and new flooring, and there hasn’t been any complaints in the past year and a half or more. The fellow is young, and presumably a bit of noise from above won’t irritate him as much as it did us.

We shall see what happens overnight since they have until tomorrow to sign the contract papers.

So thrilled, what a great start to the day!

Now, hopefully nothing goes wrong…..