45-52-2014: Where's Dinner?

November 9, 2014 – Loki likes the new kitchen. He can sit there and beg for dinner and not get in trouble for it, because he’s on a stool rather than on the counter.

Cats, they are such a pain at the same time I can’t imagine living without them.

Today I was painting the powder room and when I got the transition board between the floor and the concrete pad the washing machine sits on I turned my back and Milo walked across it all. Inquisitive brown cat, thick white melamine paint, dark hardwood floors….what a mess! I spent 15 minutes crawling around the floors with a Varsol soaked rag cleaning up white footprints that seemed to have gone everywhere.

And then there is this love-bug monster – Loki. Cook dinner and turn your back and he will be sitting on the counter cleaning up anything that spattered on anything. Completely food motivated. Earlier this week he walked across my computer and somehow turned on voice-over. It took me ten minutes to try to figure out how to shut that “feature” off!

Although they drive me crazy, I can’t imagine life without them.