44-52-2013: So Exciting!

October 31, 2013 – Happy Halloween is an understatement. Today at 11:30 am we got the keys and took possession of our new home. We are thrilled. We had to wait around for a couple of hours while we waited for a new bed frame to arrive and be put together, and then we moved a couple of truckloads of boxes from old home to new home.

Cleaning will take a bit as the former owner didn’t clean anything. And the kitchen was pretty nasty. I’m not sure she ever cleaned the stovetop. After four go’s at it we quit for the night and decided to put wet rags over it all day tomorrow to see if we can loosen the baked on grime.

The place is old, but fabulous. It has revealed some quirks, and we are sure there will be many more. We played a certain amount of “what does this switch do?” without answer. Tried to identify how many bulbs of different size, shape, and wattage we need to replace, and laughed at the fact that there are still old coiled up hard phone wires in a few places.

It will be a project for a long time. The yard is a disaster, the garage needs so much work, and we can’t wait to renovate the kitchen.

But you know what? It’s totally, absolutely, stupendously, awesome!

It’s quiet. It’s away from the heavy traffic. It’s quiet (well, as far as we can tell, since tonight is Halloween and there were fireworks going off constantly), and it’s just beautiful.

And the fireplace is wonderful!

Welcome Home!