38-52-2011 - Pursuit

Today is Kirk’s birthday, asked him what he wanted to do since it was his day. The answer was go for a ride and stop by the track since it’s going to pour tomorrow and it’s the last race weekend of the season.

We rode out and were trying to decide where to park the bikes when I looked back and saw a smiling lunatic running towards us and waving. It was Kyle, a fellow who I blame completely for our ownership of two motorcycles and a scooter. He invited us to park in his pit where he and his wife were preparing for his first ride on his newly acquired race bike. This isn’t him, but it was the best shot I took over the afternoon. Another racer out there today (also not in this shot) is a guy I went to high school with.

Every time I feel like I’m leaning uncomfortably on my bike I think of these guys and realize I’m basically upright! It amazes me how far a bike can be pushed over when the rider knows what he/she is doing!

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