2015, The End (365/365)

December 31, 2015 – The year was eventful in many ways, not all of them good, although even the worst moments had silver linings, if I look hard enough.

After fighting with this old cast iron Underwood from the 1940’s, or earlier, I finally managed to get the ribbon in its proper placement and convince it to function for just long enough to bang these last few letters out.

(And for the amusement of the older crowd, I was temporarily buffaloed by the lack of the numeral “1” on the typewriter (but it does have a couple of fractions!?) until after I had already processed it and realized that the lowercase “l” is the same as a number one, but I’d already used a capital I….. oh well, you can certainly tell it was typed on the machine and not faked anyway)

And so, with no fanfare, no fireworks, no resolutions, I am simply wishing a quiet goodbye to 2015 and my fourth 365 Project.

If you took some time to look at any of my photos, if you actually read any of my mental wanderings and found anything of interest in there, well then I thank you.

To everyone a very Happy 2016, may it bring grand new adventures to all.


115 Photos in 2015 – 15. The Number 2015 (photo must show in numerals or words the number 2015)